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What We Are

We are an all-volunteer organization, consisting of people with years of volunteer experience with cat and dog rescue and adoption groups and with animal shelters. We have come together to solve problems in our area that are not being addressed by other groups. We incorporated in Missouri in February 2000 and have obtained Federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status.

Our primary mission is to reduce the number of euthanasias of cats and dogs in the St. Louis metropolitan area, by working both independently and collaboratively with Animal Control, shelters, and rescue groups. Our principal means of achieving that will be by promoting and assisting with the spaying or neutering of both companion (owned) cats and dogs, as well as feral and stray cats.

We also recognize the benefits of the human animal bond and wish to help people keep their animals with them, thereby reducing the number of animals given up to shelters. Our Pet-Friendly Rental Directory is one means of doing that. In the future, we also plan to provide support to senior citizens who may have difficulty caring for their animal companions.

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What We Are Not

Metro Animal is not a rescue or fostering or adoption organization. We have neither facilities nor volunteers to house animals. Please refer to our extensive Rescue/Adoption Directory for the St. Louis metro area if you wish to adopt or place a companion animal. These organizations exist to provide rescue and adoptions, and they are experts at it.

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What We Have Done

  • Assisted with TNR (trap/neuter/return) of feral (wild) and stray cats, including the placement of kittens for adoption.

  • Developed an Pet-Friendly Rental Directory for our area to attempt to reduce the number of animals given to shelters when people move.

  • Compiled a Rescue/Adoption Directory for our area, with additional national resources.

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What We Plan To Do

  • For senior citizens: assist them in keeping their companion animals, by providing some financial support, foster care during temporary hospitalizations, and physical assistance and placement when they can no longer care for their companions. This program is in now in development. Are you interested in joining us?

  • For feral/stray cats: increase TNR activities, primarily via identifying and assisting feral colony caretakers with spay/neuter, food, supplies, etc.

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