Adopting A Loving Pet
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Adopting Your First Cat

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The following information is provided for information only. The best advice for any health problem is to consult your veterinarian. Some of the sites listed for the information given also have items for sale; Metro Animal has no connection with these sites and their inclusion does not imply an opinion of their products.

Internet Resources

  • 12 Rules to Prepare for Pets - Aligning pet expectations with reality. Published by CLC Publishing, an information service company dedicated to improving the relationship between domestic pets and their owners through humane education.
  • New Cat in the Family - Great collection of links to sites that address selecting a kitten or cat, kitten-proofing your home, introducing new cats and dogs, etc.
  • Debbie's Cat and Dog Health and Behavior Links - A large list of links, primarily on health, organized by topic.

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  • Good Owners, Great Cats, by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. How to choose a cat or kitten; supplies you'll need; adult cat care and training; solving common behavior problems, etc.
  • Think Like A Cat, by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Behavior, training, and health.
  • Is Your Cat Crazy?, by John C. Wright. Behavior problems and solutions.
  • General health books:
    • The Cornell Book of Cats.
    • Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care.
  • Holistic health books:
    • Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, by Richard Pitcairn, DVM. Includes diets for good health, as well as treatments.
    • The New Natural Cat, by Anitra Frazier, a student of Dr. Pitcairn (see above listing). More detail on cat behavior than in his book.

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