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Operation Sterile Feral

About the program:

Instead of euthanizing feral/street cats, Operation Sterile Feral (OSF) assists inviduals to
humanely trap homeless cats,have them spayed/neutered, and then return them to their
original environment where a caretaker provides life time care for the colony. This humane
method stops the cats from breeding and allows them to live in their natural habitat under
the care of a private citizen.

OSF works with local residents, business and government entities to help them humanely
control feline overpopulation problems in their neighborhoods. Before we agree to assist
with any Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) case, the following must be met:

1. The cats must be unowned,homeless, or feral (wild),or barn cats.
Operation Sterile Feral does not spay/neuter personal pets.

2. A long-term primary caretaker must take full responsibility for the cats and promise
to feed the cats and provide fresh water on a regular basis.

3. You must have permission from the owner of the property where the cats reside or
are being fed. This may be a priviate residence, business, home owner's association,
apartment/condo management, or government entity.

Services Operation Sterile Feral does not provide

1. We do not assist with feral cat removal/relocation.

2. We are not a rescue group. We do not assist with placement of adoptable cats.

3. We do not euthanize unwanted cats at this event. Unwanted cats must be turned
into Animal Control (A/C) during normal business hours.The A/C charge to euthanize
and dispose of feral and barn cats is $45.00 per cat.

4. We do not assist with the process known as "Taming Down" for possible adoption.
True feral cats are not normally rehabilable. It stresses the cats, fills up
homes/shelters with unadoptable cats, wastes limited resources and often results in
disastrous outcomes for the cats.

Operation Sterile Feral Guidelines

1. St Charles County Residents Only

2. By Appointment Only. Call 314-995-9266. No Walk-Ins accepted. No exceptions !
Please leave a message, someone will call you back 7-14 days before the next event.
Leave a full name, zip code where the cats are located, day and evening phone numbers

3. For everyone's safety cats only accepted in humane traps.

4. All cats/kittens will be spay/neutered, ear tipped on the left ear, and rabies vaccinated.
No exceptions ! No rabies tags or certificates are issued. Requests to not ear tip or for
rabies tags indicates attempts to rescue and adopt out and does not qualify the cats for
this program.

5. Arrive only at your appointed appointment time.

6. Be prepared to retreive your cats at the indicated time.

7. Cats abandonded to OSF will be billed at an additional $30.00 per cat.
Charges of animal abandondment may be filed. A/C will be visitng you.

8. Be prepared to provide a safe/enclosed recovery area for 24 hours after the surgery.

9. This is a spay/neuter event only. Other medical proceedures will not be dispensed

10. Our rates are $20.00 per cat payable when the cats/kittens are dropped off with
check or cash. Limited scholarships are available. They are needs based and must be
proven and qualified. Please advise us when you call if you need financial aid and why.

11. There are no waiting rooms or waiting areas at the event.Only event staff will be
allowed into the building. Cats/kittens must be dropped off. You must return to the
location at the advised time.

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